I am a San Francisco based makeup, hair, and eye lash extension artist, but I travel as far as my beauty tools will take me.  I began my glam career in 2005 behind the makeup counter at MAC Cosmetics. After graduating film school, I started working in Los Angeles as a makeup artist on set for music videos and commercials. Love brought me to the Bay Area shortly after, and I have been in San Francisco working on perfecting my craft ever since. I am now a licensed esthetician, and am currently dedicated to growing my on location beauty service brand, Salt Spell Beauty, with my dear friend and business partner, Mariana McGrath. www.saltspellbeauty.com 

My client list includes celebrity pop and hip hop artists such as Iggy Azalea, and Rita Ora, beauty clients such as Kat Von D Beauty, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Kendo, and corporate clients such as the Los Angeles Lakers, Nike, and Honda Motors.


I believe inspiration can come from anything that fascinates the eye, tickles the nostrils, hypnotizes the ears, induces the tongue, or awakens the tips of the fingers. Our senses are the greatest artistic tools we can possess.

Makeup is a representation of the moment. Whether that moment be an emotion, a passing fashion, a chance encounter with inspiration, it is in cream and powder that we find the means to express. We should appreciate it and indulge. Please enjoy viewing some of the moments makeup has helped me to create.

Portraits by photographer Scott R. Kline

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